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Engaging Students Through Routine

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Working in a school with a high proportion of students at educational risk it is critical that your skill set in developing consistent structure and routine to your day is carefully planned. It is essential and requires careful thought out planning. Targeted daily team building of your class and building class unity has a huge impact on your students engagement and sense of belonging.

I have found over the years especially with a high proportion that require support with attendance that having set day to day routines help students transition back into the class when they have been away.

Plan for:

  • Entering and exiting

  • Getting resources

  • Using whiteboards

  • Toilet

  • Moving through the school

  • Eating

  • Dismissal process

  • School times

ERRR#046. Tom Bennett on Behaviour Management

25:26 Behaviour Management

• Clear expectations – no guessing

• State what to do, not what not to do

• Positive reinforcement

• Logical consequences

• Always follow up

• Prepare phrases

• Talk about actions and behaviour, no the child

  • Morning tasks that students complete before the siren. (Make sure that these tasks give you the opportunity to move around the room and check in with your students.)

  • Whole class visual timetable. (This also helps students with PTSD, anxiety and on the spectrum.) This is run through all together every morning.

  • Have a finished work station for students to put completed work away. (Put together also a station that students can go and get work for extension.)

  • Hygiene practices the same way every day.

  • Ensure that you put together some recess and lunch packs everyday for those students who turn up without food.

  • Set up a teacher mailbox for students to draw pictures and notes that they want you to read.

  • Have students reading books in trays that are labelled with their name so that they can go to when ever they need to in the morning and throughout the day.

  • Assign class jobs to students.

  • Have clipboards on desks with the required only tools for the day. Eg lead pencil, red marking pencil, ruler. (Pencil cases in big trays on shelf, I have removed trays under their desks as often they use this for work avoidance)

  • Group children into coloured groups to work together. (Group point system through class dojo)

  • Plan for whole class reflections after recess and lunch to make sure students reflect and you also know what they have been up to.

  • Have student group captains who get students work books, sheets and materials.

  • Whole class and group cheers and celebration.

  • Planned cooperative learning structures.

  • Daily fitness- dancing to music

These are only but a few things that I plan for every year. Remember in order to teach content, classroom norms and routine must be your number one priority. This must be carefully planned out and consistent.

What consistent routines do you have within your classroom environment? I would love to know some of the critical elements and strategies you use :)

Ms Burke (Tash)

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