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A Teacher Mind Frame... Know your impact!

John Dewey, quoting his famous line, “It’s not the doing that matters; it’s the thinking about the doing.”

How could I not make my next blog about one of the most impact making education researcher?

Introducing a page on just the tip of the ice-berg Professor John Hattie.

Professor John Hattie is a researcher in education. His research interests include performance indicators, models of measurement and evaluation of teaching and learning. John Hattie became known to a wider public with his two books Visible Learning and Visible Learning for teachers. Visible Learning is a synthesis of more than 800 meta-studies covering more than 80 million students.  According to John Hattie Visible Learning is the result of 15 years of research about what works best for learning in schools. TES once called him “possibly the world’s most influential education academic”

In Visible Learning for Teachers (p. 159 ff) John Hattie claims that “the major argument in this book underlying powerful impacts in our schools relates to how we think! It is a set of mind frames that underpin our every action and decision in a school; it is a belief that we are evaluators, change agents, adaptive learning experts, seekers of feedback about our impact, engaged in dialogue and challenge, and developers of trust with all, and that we see opportunity in error, and are keen to spread the message about the power, fun, and impact that we have on learning.”

John Hattie believes “that teachers and school leaders who develop these ways of thinking are more likely to have major impacts on student learning.”

This next video is fantastic in going through explaining John Hattie's Mind Frames.

The following video is a good starting point to understanding a little more about John Hattie. It is important to not use his research as checklists. It is a lot more then that.

What are your big visible learning take aways from Hattie's research that has resonated the most for you and your own teaching development?

Did you know that you can access a lot more information and articles from ?

Look forward to hearing some of your thoughts,

Kind regards,

Ms Burke

(Always reflecting, always learning.)

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