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Daily Review/Warm Ups- Effective Teaching Practice

Implementing daily reviews or warm ups truly are the game changer in supporting students in building their capacity to automatize skills and understanding to allow students to then perform higher order thinking.

I have found with working with Year 1 and 2 students that this has had a huge impact in their ability to focus, engagement and skills and understanding acquisition with foundation content.

Over the years since I began teaching in 2011 there has continued to be growth in schools and teachers beginning to act on current research and start to transform whole school approaches to explicit teaching.

You will find wonderful research and discussion on daily reviews through many articles online. Remember though that there is a big difference between Explicit Direct Instruction and explicit instruction. (I will explain in another blog :) )

What makes a teacher, highly effective? I highly recommend you spend time researching and finding out more about Rosenshine.

Rosenshine identifies the hallmarks of effective teaching that he has discovered in his work over the past four decades. In his research (Rosenshine, 2012), a wide range of teachers were observed to identify the differences between the most effective and less effective teachers.

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