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Looking for Evidence in Australian Education: Australian Education Research Organisation

As I work with teachers and schools across WA it has been interesting to see that although we are working towards the same goals in education for supporting our students to have success... There is some varying ideas on Evidence based practice...

AERO is working hard in wanting to advance national conversations around evidence use in education, by connecting educators and teachers to quality evidence and by researching how it is used in practice. Below are the links to AERO suggested tools to help analyse research and evidence.

Standards of evidence | Australian Education Research Organisation (

Evidence rubric | Australian Education Research Organisation (

  • Evidence rubric for educators and teachers

  • Evidence rubric for school and ECEC service leaders

  • Evidence rubric for policymakers

Research reflection guide | Australian Education Research Organisation (

The Research reflection guide helps education practitioners and policymakers reflect on what they have learned from reading a piece of researchevidence on a particular policy, program or practice (that is, an approach), which they may be considering implementing.

AERO is a ministerial-owned company. An independent Board appointed and governs AERO following the company's incorporation early 2021. AERO has produced a number of documents to support the production and use of high-quality research.

8 'Tried and Tested' evidence guides for educators and teachers have been produced. These guides aim to support ongoing professional development summarising key practices that can rapidly improve learning outcomes for students.

The guides can be read individually or together. Each individual guide is carefully sequenced, providing step-by-step outline of how to effectively implement practices.

Resources | Australian Education Research Organisation (

Have you come across AERO yet?

Has your school accessed the Standards of Evidence or Evidence rubric to inform decisions?

Where and how will you ensure you access the resources available and updates from AERO?

Have you and your team used this to inform practice?

Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!

Kind regards,


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