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One Classroom: SSEN D Professional Learning

The One Classroom website is a wonderful resource that has been developed by the team @ SSEND to build capacity of Western Australian public schools to ensure students with a disability (diagnosed or imputed) are able to access the curriculum on the same basis as their peers. SSEND promotes inclusive learning environments through research and evidence based practice.

The School of Special Educational Needs Disability (SSEND) offers their professional learning opportunities in a range of formats. These include scheduled live professional learning events, self-paced modules, PL packages to be facilitated by school leaders and online PL resources, such as digital print documents.

*Please note: SSEND professional learning is available to schools that are part of the Department of Education, Western Australia. Registering for PL opportunities will require a Department of Education sign-on for access.

If you haven't checked out the available resources I recommend you do! The following QR code will take you to the site or select the link below.

Professional learning dashboard (

The following image lists PL opportunities for 2022

Scheduled live professional learning events

Disability related professional learning events are scheduled throughout the year. These events are delivered live through the Blended Model, in which online and in-person participants learn together.

Self paced online modules

Disability related online modules are available on demand for schools and educators to undertake at a time convenient to them. Participants can register through PLIS and complete the modules, ensuring professional learning hours are automatically added to their professional learning transcript.

Online resources

Disability related resources such as digital-print documents, guides and fact sheets that are endorsed by SSEND are available to build knowledge and support students.

Has your school already accessed some of the professional learning opportunities?

Will you schedule in some live events for your team next year? Or will you take advantage of the self-paced modules?

If you have accessed what did you think and how did you go applying knowledge and understanding to your context?

Would love to know your thoughts?

Kind regards,

Ms Burke (Tash)

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