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Whole School Engagement Language

Whole-school practices and programs improve school culture, promote inclusion and have a positive impact on student behaviour, attendance, wellbeing and engagement in learning. Outcomes in these domains are inextricably linked.

It is important that us teachers take into consideration how we can support our students to seamlessly transition through year groups. We need to consider our students recall and memory loads and take the challenge in developing whole school languages towards engagement techniques.

For example when a student leaves year 1 and goes into year 2 would it not be beneficial that the child already knows the teachers signals when using whiteboards during warm ups? (Chin it, park it, delete?) Would it not be beneficial that the child already knows the engagement expectations on when the teacher requires them to track with them, say with them, read with them and also know the key signals for attention.

Data works produces some excellent frameworks for teachers and schools to build from and transform to suit their own school context.

Pronounce with me – Supports English learners and all other students with help pronouncing difficult vocabulary
Track with me – Helps students begin to read new words by connecting the words they hear to the written words
Read with me – Gives student opportunity to read the words
Gesture with me – Stores information in multiple pathways in the brain by incorporating a kinesthetic movement.
Pair-share – Processes information by sharing with a partner. Provides students with an opportunity to vocalize their response in their own words.
Attention Signal – Helps cut down lost instructional time by refocusing the class with a simple command
Whiteboard – Check to determine if students are learning and thinking so that the correct effective feedback can be provided.
Complete Sentences – Require students to respond using the newly introduced academic vocabulary.

Please go their website above to access some of their lesson design, engagement and instruction posters. You can contact them and also get support in uptake of EDI.

What engagement norms do you have within your classroom? Do you have whole school engagement practices?

I would love to hear about them!

Ms Burke (Tash)

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